This is actually a practice blog of mine! Just trying out HTML and new stuff here!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Haven't posted in a REALLY long while. For anyone who actually READS this blog, please ignore the big, white words scrawled across the blogskin at the top. You'd know what I'm talking about. It's right in front of you. Adieu!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

This is Huajie, her beloved cousin here.
Posting and updating for her, my silly cousin sister (:

Silly, I change blogskin for you alr.
Hope you like it aye (:
Gonna meet you on Tuesday. (:
YAY-NESS! :D:D Share

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1st post of the new year [2009], so I'll make this short, and SUH-WEET!
Anyways, the stupid edulearn website we were supposed to go to today(and tomorrow as well) was so damn faulty!

I couldn't go to the quizzes or access the forum for History. Everything appeared 'The webpage could not be displayed'.I only managed to get on the webpages an HOUR later. Gosh.

Gonna grab a bite from the fridge now - only had a Mac Sausage McMuffin (w/o egg of course) this morning. Share

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is another one post I'll make once in a million years T.T
Anyway, since there's pretty much nothing interesting in my life going on (except counting the days I can leave this darned world in peace), I'll just recount my trip to the Night Safari which I went with my fam & relatives like, 2 weeks before.

I mean, I can't exactly post anything BAD about this country or my school on this PUBLIC domain... Who knows, I may just get the door one day and find 2 policemen (armed with their guns even) standing outside, waiting for me to unlock the gate so I can be put behind bars for a year and a half for criticising this country too badly. After all, the legal age for peeps to be jailed is 16... I think. Even so, I don't wanna end up in some juvenile delinquent home. It probably smells bad there.

Back to the way back-dated NS trip. Becky thought I meant National Service when I first said it in abbreviation. Seriously!

So at the entrance, there were already alot of freaky lookin' monsters and such. I was really afraid at first of one Count Dracula. My uncle pushed me up to get a picture with him. I snuck out of the picture in the camera shot. The double-fanged guy didn't seem to notice though...

That's the Count->>

I'm gonna leave out lots of deets since I'm not bothered to fill in all the info...
I screamed like several times -- like when a female killer clown snuck up behind yours truly and tapped on my shoulder.
So we left the place at 12am, since 2 workers there dressed as black devils with those tall 3-pronged fork things told us they were closing.
A fat clown even greeted me. He was like,"Hi."
I took a step back in horror. It's not like I'm used to people in heavy makeup and dressed like the undead speaking to me.

Anyway, we managed to get pictures of all the monsters and witches and stuff together.

Particularly afraid of that mummy with the chains. Looks like it came out of the tomb in Egypt!
We took more pictures of them but it's TIRING to put in so many pictures. Do you know how SLOW this computer is?? So I'll end here...


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hurrah I've turned sweet 16 today! And of course, it's one step closer to death, one step closer to being an adult. Drag!
Know I haven't blogged in a long while. Blogging isn't exactly my first priority now when i turn the computer on, but still, today's an exception since it's my birthday =x
On the whole, I got only 20 bucks of birthday money, from yesterday when some of my relatives and my mum and bro ate at some Japanese (wonder why 'Jap' is a bad word) restaurant at Bugis.
Too bad I have a music lesson and math tuition on this 'special' day. Hahaha.
Though I'm not really enthusiastic about the fact I can start watching NC16 films, since most of them are either VIOLENCE, has MATURE themes or whatsoever.
What a pity I'm not in the United States or something. I could be getting a driver's ED lesson today or something, or possibly even a Mustang or Volkswagen car!
But since we can't even drive at such a 'tender' age, guess I've nothing to say but blame on my luck for being born HERE.
Gonne end here. Ciao! Share

Friday, February 01, 2008

Finally found the damn names of that cute cartoon characters I posted on around April 2007.
It's called Pon & Zi. The drawings are sooo cute!

Below are some of 'em >.<

Some look kinda scary but this cartoon looks so much better than Looney Tunes or Mickey Mouse =_=
Tho they sorta look like voodoo dolls >_<

Friday, January 25, 2008

Haven't exactly blogged in ages!!!
Took like 10 minutes to recover this account and reset a dumb password
Today's like the best day ever! =D

Everyone's dream came true.
Thanks to a water pipe burst in our school, Mrs Tan dismisses us at 8.30 am.
Course they had to call every single one of our 'rents...
Hope someone secretly goes to school during the weekends and burst another pipe
It's much better not going to school XD

Too bad I've another stinkin' Chinese tuition or I could go out & everyone's gonna think i played truant...
heh heh.
It was seriously the first time i hear people from our school cheer so loud and greet the teachers loudly too.
Anyway, nothing else to type about so ciao! Share

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Haven't really blogged in a long while...
Was mapling all this time trying to catch up with people.
Holidays seem to be going by real FAST.
Haven't even started a single hols homework!
Bet I'll be cramming again at the last week of holidays, AS USUAL.

Anyway, my brother will be leaving for Taiwan tomorrow...
For some robotics competition.
He's even gonna wear some white Science Centre jacket.
The best part tho, he gets to take Singapore Airlines, which is really saying something.
Dont remember my primary school having so much moolah to pay for such expensive air ticks...
At least I get to have the computer all to myself for 4 days!


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Yesterday was quite fun...!
We went to Xiao Ying's house to do that loco project for Kite Runner!
becky and I arrived so early cos we planned to HIDE from them and make 'em wait for us!

It's too bad the rain had to ruin everything!
So while waiting till 1pm for them, we went to practically everywhere 'round the district!
Got a new Maple prepaid card too ^^

When we started walking to Regent Heights, it started to rain...
So we stood OUTSIDE the condo and waited for Xiao Ying to come down.
She came running WITHOUT an umbrella 5 minutes l8er!
Besides the fact that her house was cluttered and the furni was positioned a bit like Stephanie's, she has her OWN room and a chinchilla!

We ordered Pizza Hut courtesy of her mother and the computer sorta broke down while doing the research work for Kite Runner!
Becky tried to carry the chinchilla! She was a abit afraid of it biting her. It was extra furry! Like a soft toy!

Came across this real nice train on the newspapers a few weeks ago, so I decided to post pictures of them!
They go to Scotland, Venice, France and more countries!
Wish I could sit on such a luxurious train!!


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hopefully, end of the year, I can get to go to the Korea!

Though it would be around the middle of December!

One place i wish to go most there?

Definitely the Teddy Bear Museum and skiing!
The 2 pics of bears there are just some from the museum!
They're so adorable!
Love the outfits!
No idea which hotel we're staying at but I sure hope they're NICE!
What a stank tomorrow's gonna be a new school week again!!
At least it's two more weeks till the September holidays!
But I can't take it ANYMORE!
MY life stinks...
Anyway, ciao!